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TT Mountain Course

The TT Mountain Course is 37.73 miles long, it includes more than 200 corners and requires more than 500 marshals for every practice and race session

From public road to race course

The world-famous course has been raced over for more than 100 years

It is an everyday public road which is closed to traffic, pedestrians and animals under the Road Races Act for two fortnight periods every year - two weeks during May/June for the TT and two weeks during August/September for the Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix - to allow motorcycle racing to take place.

Twelve Sectors

For marshalling purposes the course is split into 12 sectors, each with its own Chief Sector Marshal and numerous Deputy Sector Marshals. More than 500 marshals are required across the whole twelve sectors for every single practice or race session.

Chief Sector Marshals report to the Chief Marshal and the Clerk of the Course. They are responsible for the day-to-day manning of their sector, overseeing all equipment, managing a team of deputies and liaising regularly with Race Control.

The Deputy Sector Marshals oversee a specific area within the sector. They are responsible for welcoming new marshals, allocating jobs, organising appropriate cover at each marshalling point and overseeing any incidents within their area.   

Sector 1

TT Grandstand startline to Union Mills, includes Bray Hill, Quarterbridge and Braddan Bridge

Sector 2

Ballahutchin Hill to Greeba, includes Ballagarey, Crosby and Greeba Castle

Sector 3

Appledene to Doran’s Bend, includes Gorse Lea, Ballacraine and Ballig Bridge

Sector 4

Laurel Bank to Cronk Y Voddy Crossroads, includes Glen Helen, Sarah’s Cottage and Cronk Y Voddy straight

Sector 5

Burnside to the bottom of Barregarrow, includes the 11th Milestone, Handley’s Corner and Barregarrow

Sector 6

Westwood to Alpine Corner, including Kirk Michael village, Rhencullen and Bishopscourt

Sector 7

Ballacobb to Ginger Hall, includes Ballaugh Bridge, Quarry Bends and Sulby Straight

Sector 8

Kerrowmoar to Ramsey Hairpin, includes Glen Tramman, Parliament Square and Cruikshank’s

Sector 9

Ramsey Hairpin to Black Hut, includes the Gooseneck, Guthrie’s and the Mountain Mile

Sector 10

The Verandah to the 32nd, includes the Bungalow, Hailwood’s Rise and Brandywell

Sector 11

Windy Corner to Creg ny Baa, includes the 33rd, Keppel Gate and Kate’s Cottage

Sector 12

Brandish to the TT Grandstand, includes Hillberry, Signpost Corner and Governor’s Dip

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