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Welcome to the core of our marshals' expertise, our comprehensive training program. We seamlessly blend online and classroom training to ensure our Marshals are ready to marshal the TT Course.

IMC Courses for 2024

Below you will find the available dates for upcoming IMC training courses. Book now at a location and date that suits you.*

Whether you are an experienced Marshal with decades of experience or a newcomer there is always more to learn about Marshalling the TT Course.
View our stories below to see what training each Marshal has to complete before they can marshal at an event.

We provide a range of courses from online courses to classroom-based courses which can all be managed through your marshals portal to develop your marshalling skills to become a full marshal.

Novice marshals

All new TT marshals, even if you have previous marshalling experience at other venues or in other motorsports, must complete two online training modules before being placed out on the course with one of our experienced teams of TT Marshals.

Watching and learning the ropes from our longstanding, knowledgeable volunteers is an important part of your training and gives new recruits the opportunity to experience marshalling, and ask plenty of questions, while enjoying the camaraderie of being part of the team.

To aid your training, we highly recommend you take time to review our training and read the “Marshalling the TT Course” booklet, available online, before you report for duty. After you have completed at least three sessions out on the course we encourage you to undertake our 1 day Incident Management Course. All novice marshals must complete an IMC before they gain full marshal accreditation.

Experienced marshals

We have all your training modules for your role available for you to complete and review at any time, before every event you should refresh your your marshal knowledge and check for any changes in the "Marshalling the TT Course" booklet which is available online.

We also recommend that, as an experienced marshal, you regularly update your training by attending our one day Incident Management Course (IMC).

As your experience grows, you may want consider further leadership opportunities to volunteer as a Deputy or Chief Sector Marshal.

online training

Incident Management Course (IMC)

Tailor-made for the TT course, this day-long session provides more in-depth information about the use of flags, radios and other equipment.

The course also covers procedures for breakdowns and incidents, and it provides you with a set of skills to help ensure you and your marshalling colleagues, the riders and spectators remain as safe as possible.

We encourage all registered marshals, whether novice or experienced, to complete our Incident Management Course which is offered in the Isle of Man and throughout the UK.

You can book your place on an IMC through our Training page where our courses are available throughout the year.


There's nothing quite like the feeling of marshalling for the biggest and most adrenaline fuelled motorsport event in the world, the Isle of Man TT!



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