Got questions? From how to join us, to what to wear and what benefits are available to marshals, check to see if the answer is here. If not, contact us and we'll help

No. We welcome marshals from all around the world, some travel many thousands of miles to help us every year! Whether it’s one mile or 10,000 miles, we appreciate everyone who gives up their time to help.

Anyone who is 16 years of age or older and who is reasonably physically fit can marshal (16yrs to 18yrs with parental consent). Parents will need to sign a consent form for each race event when packs are collected.

No. Whilst we’d love you to volunteer for every session, we know this isn’t always possible.

Many people volunteer for the whole fortnight, many other marshals join us for the evening practice sessions in the first week, fitting their volunteering around their working day, and others help out over the weekends and Bank Holiday Monday.

We are always keen to ensure we have lots of marshals available for each session, so the more you can do, the better - we strongly encourage all new marshals to commit to at least three sessions to assist with their initial training.

You need to be present for the whole of each session, so plan to arrive at your marshal point at least 30 to 45 mins before the advertised road closure time. Expect to be on duty for the duration of the road closure time. In some situations, such as a serious incident, you may be required to remain on duty after the advertised road opening time, but we endeavour to limit this time to a minimum.

First, register your details. You will receive your "identification number" (previously known as a warrant number) by email, and you will be asked to set a password to allow you access to our online system.

Approximately two months before each event, we invite all registered marshals to “sign-on” (tell us what days you’re available and for where) - look out for emails and notification on our website and social media. We encourage everyone to sign-on online as soon as possible, if you need assistance signing on online then please contact us or visit us at the marquee during the event, we will have laptops and can assist you with getting set up to marshal with us.

You can also visit our office at the TT Grandstand during the TT or MGP fortnights to find out more and get involved.

You will need to collect your IOMTTMA-issued identification card, high viz tabard and marshal pack from us before you can go out on duty. Call in to our marquee at the TT Grandstand or join us at a pack collection night held at various venues around the island. Packs are available one week before the event begins, see our news updates section for more information.

You must display your (IOMTTMA supplied) event identification card (previously known as a warrant card), carry your photographic ID (driving licence or ACU licence) and wear your (IOMTTMA supplied) high-vis tabard over your coat whenever you are on duty.

You will need warm, comfortable outdoor clothes or leathers, waterproof coat, stout footwear, plus sunscreen and a hat! For your own safety please ensure you wear long trousers (not shorts) and stout footwear (not trainers). Sturdy gloves are also advisable.

Bring a good supply of food and (non-alcoholic) drinks, cakes and sweets are optional!

You must display your (TTMA supplied) event identification card (previously known as a warrant card), carry your photographic ID (driving licence or ACU licence) and wear your (TTMA supplied) high-vis tabard over your coat whenever you are on duty and ensure that it is fastened.

Two minibuses leave the TT Grandstand ninety minutes prior to roads closing for each practice and race session, one travelling course-direction toward Ramsey, the other heading anti-clockwise over the Mountain (for TT, the minibus travels to Hillberry where it forms part of a convoy dropping marshals off over the Mountain as the road is one way from Creg ny Baa). You’ll be collected after the session has finished and brought back to the TT Grandstand.

Seats are free of charge to registered marshals but must be booked in advance each day, in person, at our office. Please book early as seats are offered on a strictly first-come-first served basis.

Bus Vannin provide regular bus services around the island, including a TT Special and Night Owl buses. View bus and train timetables online at: bus.im

You can help too: If you can give a fellow marshal a lift in your car or on your bike, please do. This really helps us get everyone in the right place for the right time.

Arrive at your marshalling point in good time – we recommend at least 30 to 45 mins before the official road closure time. Ask for the Deputy Sector Marshal, she/he will be expecting you, will make you welcome and introduce you to other marshals at that point.

You will not be expected to take an active role at this stage, you will be placed with an experienced team where your role will be to watch and learn, and to ask questions. Take heed of their experience and follow their instructions closely.

As a Novice you will be allocated to a sector and the CSM will advise of you by email or telephone of your individual point on the course to report to. You can also see your allocated point on the course at any time by signing on to the marshals portal and checking your “sessions” which are constantly updated

There is also a general meeting point for marshals in every sector of the course, this will be updated in the downloads bulletin section of your Marshals Portal. Locations will also be provided using WHAT 3 WORDS.

Your safety, and that of your fellow marshals, is of utmost importance.

Marshals must not be under the influence of drink or drugs, nor should they use any type of camera or filming device while on duty. Anyone breaching the above rules will be asked to stand down from duty and be reported to the Chief Sector Marshal for further sanction.

We ask marshals to refrain from using or checking/using social media whilst they are on duty. If you wish to take photographs of you and your fellow marshals, please only do it before roads close or once they re-open.

Every new marshal registering with us starts out as a novice marshal, even if you have marshalled at other events or in other motorsports.

Whilst marshalling at other race courses is beneficial, it will not qualify you as a full marshal on the TT mountain course immediately, due to the unique marshalling requirements for each of our events.

For every session you complete you will receive credits (one credit for a practice session, two credits for a full race day session).

As a novice marshal you must gain a minimum of seven credits and also complete our Incident Management Course (IMC) before you gain full marshal status. You also need to have attended 3 race or practice sessions prior to booking on an IMC.

No, items such as your ID card, hi-viz tabards and, in certain circumstances, fire suits, will be issued to you by the TTMA when you sign on. All other equipment, needed when you are out on the course, is delivered to the location where you marshal, and stored in boxes or buildings accessible to marshals. When you arrive at your marshalling position the lead marshal will usually check all the equipment is present as required, before the session can start. Equipment includes fire extinguishers, flags, radios, brushes and any medical equipment.

Check out the “What do I need to take when I go marshalling?” for what you need to have with you when out on the TT course.

During a race event, each day we draw an identity/warrant card number at random from the previous day’s practice or race attendance list and the winner will receive a gift. A list of the winners will be announced on social media and an email will be sent out to marshals who have won a prize. Winners must bring their identity/warrant card to the TTMA office to collect their prize.

Marshals signed on at the race event qualify for a number of discounts, including many retail and food outlets on the Island, and free entry to many Manx Heritage sites, TTMA are very grateful for the support they receive for marshals from local companies and the organisers.

Details can be found in the downloads section on your Marshal Portal.

To request a discount please show your Marshals ID card and photo ID, and please only purchase one item per marshal for own personal use

As a thank you, we organise a get-together during each event for everyone who’s marshalled at that event. The event is for marshals only, admission is on a strictly first-come-first-served basis, on production of your warrant card only. Details can be found in your Portal with details of how to book your seat for the supper.

Marshals who sign-on and attend at least 5 sessions at TT (eg TT2023) will be contacted by the Steam Packet in April the following year (eg April 2024) and invited to book travel for the following years TT (eg 2025) in advance of the bookings being opened to the general public. Note: a session is a practice session or a raceday.

We will let you know by email in April if you have qualified for advance booking, as you only have a matter of weeks to apply please check your inbox for details on how to apply.

As your sessions are vital to qualifying for advance booking please check your marshal portal for sessions recorded at a race event, so that you know in advance if you qualify. If you have any sessions not recorded contact your Deputy Sector Marshal to check.

Marshals who travel to the island by the Steam Packet for both the TT and MGP may be eligible for a rebate. To qualify you must sign-on and attend a minimum of three sessions at TT and three sessions at MGP in the same year. The rebate, of up to £100, must be claimed after the MGP but before the end of October in the same year. You will be required to provide your booking references for your travel to both events. Note: A session is a practice session or a raceday.

Marshals who qualify for the discount will be emailed by the TTMA by the end of September.

As your sessions are vital to qualifying for advance booking please check your marshal portal for sessions recorded at a race event, so that you know in advance if you qualify. If you have any sessions not recorded contact your Deputy Sector Marshal to check.

You can travel to the island by boat from Heysham, Liverpool, Dublin or Belfast, or fly from several airports in the UK and Ireland. Please be aware that both boat and flights book up quickly and many marshals re-book a year in advance in order to secure their places.
Whilst we are unable to help with the costs of travel and accommodation, the Steam Packet does have several schemes to assist marshals, see the advance booking and discount in the FAQs.
Organising travel is your responsibility and unfortunately it is not something the TTMA is able to become involved with.
We hope these links will help with your planning:
Travelling by boat with IOM Steam Packet: https://www.steam-packet.com
Travelling by air via IOM Airport: https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/isle-of-man-airport/flight-destinations-and-timetables
IOM TT website travel: https://www.iomttraces.com/visit
You may also like to contact these official IOM TT travel partners direct: https://www.iomttraces.com/visit/official-travel-partners

There are plenty of different types of accommodation available during race periods, from camping to hotels. Homestay, where you stay in someone’s home (similar to Airbnb) is a popular option for many marshals.
Please be aware that places to stay book up quickly and many marshals book a year in advance guarantee their to places to stay.
Arranging accommodation and places to stay is your responsibility and unfortunately it is not something the TTMA is able to become involved with.
We hope these links will help with finding a place to stay:
IOM TT website accommodation offers: https://www.iomttraces.com/visit/where-to-stay
Homestay via https://www.homestay.im

Yes. We offer a range of training options, both face to face and online.

Prior to your first marshalling session, you will need to complete our two online training modules as this gives you important information on course procedures.

In addition to this, we have an updated downloads section available through the Marshals Portal which contain helpful information, everyone should watch and read these materials before each event.

We also strongly recommend that all marshals attend one of our day-long Incident Management Courses (IMC) which is available to everyone who has gained some experience of 3 or more sessions out on the course in order to learn more about flags, radios etc. It’s free, and lunch is provided. We run more than twenty courses throughout the year, on the island and at venues across the UK. Novice marshals must complete an IMC before they gain full marshal status. Find out more on our training page.

Yes, once fully trained, some people like the variety of marshalling at different points around the course, others make firm friends at one marshalling point and return to the same point every year. You can make your selection when you sign-on.

We expect novice marshals to remain at the same point, or within the same sector, as specified by their Chief Sector Marshal. This greatly assists your training and familiarity with the course in your area. You can select which sector you’d like to join when you sign-on.

We sometimes experience shortages in certain areas. When we do, we’d really appreciate your help in offering to move to ensure the course is fully covered. So please do move if asked, it may only be for one or two sessions, and by doing so you will be ensuring the event can go-ahead that day.

As a registered marshal signed-on for an event you will be insured by the ACU whilst you are on duty. This insurance also covers you when you are travelling from your (IOM-based) home or accommodation directly to your marshalling point and then from your marshalling point directly to your IOM-based home or accommodation.  

It is important to ensure your “in case of emergency” contact information is up-to-date on our system. You must sign on for each event separately and receive your event identification card.

The TTMA is a limited company, it is not a charity and so we do not accept donations. If you would like to make a donation to help support Manx motorsport, may we suggest the Rob Vine Fund: robvinefund.im

During race events the TT Marshals Office relocates to a marquee at the TT Grandstand, normally from the week before practice week starts. During the week before the event starts we also have pack collection nights around the island which are publicised when the event opens.

During the event the marquee opens from 9am until late afternoon or evening, again the details are publicised on event opening and allow for the marshalling hours and course open/closed times.

The marquee can sometimes become very busy when many marshals are signing on and picking up their packs at the same time, we endeavour to deal with everybody as quickly as we can and your support and patience is much appreciated during these busy times.


If you have any additional questions, we would be delighted to assist you. Please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience.



There's nothing quite like the feeling of marshalling for the biggest and most adrenaline fuelled motorsport event in the world, the Isle of Man TT!



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